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Mon Sep 20 05:51:53 UTC 1999


Many thanks for the references. I found a couple of good papers from
some older Oopsla links. Another great read is the "Treaty of Orlando".

I think I have found the problem. Initially, I was pointed towards
prototypes as the answer to some problems that exist with many previous
Class based/OO languages. I scanned the papers, and gathered what I
thought was the 'idea'. My subjective assumption was that Proto systems
could easily do Class systems plus more. The papers I have found really
tell a different story. They are anti-Class. All of this is fine, I may
be the only prototypical example of this 

At any rate, I still believe quite a lot in Protos. Another good paper
(subjective) on this is the Luca Cardelli - Object-based Vs.
Class-based Languages. It explores the differences.

> > Reply to the original post below. Interesting tidbit, I used to have
> > a Newton.
> > 
> > I've read the documentation
> I've never used a Newton or seen the documentation, so you shouldn't
> take anything I say about it too seriously.

Excuse that terse statement, I let my email leave the program, before
its time.
So please don't take me too serious about the Newton either. I was
using one, and it was the second time I thought about looking into what
Self was. I couldn't program it, I didn't have a dev kit.
It wasn't until I saw the "Programming the Newton" book in the
throw-away pile at a book store that I picked it up.

> Sorry to be so confusing, but it is a confusing world out there :-)

You are hardly confusing, thanks again for your responses,


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