[self-interest] Hardware for Self

jdbell at fareselaw.com jdbell at fareselaw.com
Thu Sep 16 00:42:45 UTC 1999

I want to play with Self a little.  From what I can tell the only fully functional version is the original Sun Sparc version which can be found on the Sun web site.  Unfortunately, I don't have a Sun.  So, I'd like to buy a used machine which would run Self well.  

I don't know much about Sun machines - what hardware specs would you suggest? I haven't found anything about memory reqs etc other than the supported OS versions.  Also, will Solaris 2.6 or Solaris 7 work?  

I basically just want to explore the system, and I'd really like to play with the multi-user aspects as well.  Maybe a system that would support 4 simultaneous users well?

As I understand it, the users would be using X, so they could be on Linux or NT or whatever, right?  Intel boxes I have.

I'm kinda counting on the assumption that the nice Self workstation of 1996 will be the inexpensive used box of today, since I'm on a bit of a budget... and of course I would be interested to hear if anyone is interested in selling a Self-class box.


Jerry Bell
jdbell at fareselaw.com

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