[self-interest] Re: Grammar changes - comments?

Gordon Cichon gordon at cichon.de
Sat Sep 4 09:23:17 UTC 1999

David Ungar wrote:

> Just a quick note: Self already allows arbitrary objects as object annotations.
> (& slot annotations, too).
> The environment uses this feature to implement the transporter,
> and it should extensible to other uses, as well.

Please correct me, if I'm wrong:
The object system itself would allow arbitrary objects as annotations,
the parser does not, and the transporter relies on the convention that
the annotation string contains a list of 'playload' strings which are
separated with character '\177'. The parser contains explicit checks
for annotation objects being strings.

F.e., look at files 'vm/parser/expr.c' and 'vm/parser/parser.c':
There is a member called 'extend_annotation' (expr.c:270) that builds
this list of strings inside a single annotation string, and there are things

>  if (t->type != STRING) {
>    expecting(t, "a string containing an annotation");
>    return 0;
>  }

(parser.c:295), and (parser.c:600).


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