[self-interest] Re: Syntax is important - but

Steve Dekorte steve at dekorte.com
Wed Sep 1 22:25:22 UTC 1999

Stefan Matthias Aust <sma at netsurf.de> wrote:
> [Smalltalk's infix syntax is better]
> [people only like prefix message syntax because they're used to it]

I also prefer Smalltalk's message syntax, but the choice here is not
really between the two syntaxes. The choices are:

1. prefix message syntax, Self object model, potiental for lots of real users
2. infix message syntax, Self object model, a few dozen hobbyist users 

The syntax battle is not winnable. The object model battle is.
Why lose both wars by making the victory of one depend on the other?

Jecel wrote:
> Please note that I think syntax doesn't matter - the future of
> Self is to be more and more graphical.

Agreed, but the question is where to start. Syntax doesn't
matter in the long run, but getting inital support is important if 
the language is going to have a hope of surviving to see the day when 
there's fully graphical development environment.


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