[self-interest] Re: no isReflecteeBoolean

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Thu Oct 21 19:18:29 UTC 1999

>             First thanks for your help Jecel... somebody know an
> operation similar to isReflecteeInterger  for boolean?... I prove with
> isReflecteeBool and isReflecteeBoolean but without result.

Reflection is a very low level operation. At this level, we have
the following kinds of object (the list of children of traits

   - assignment (the assignment primitive is sort of like a method)
   - block
   - float
   - method
   - mirror
   - process
   - slots (all objects not covered in other categories)
   - smallInt
   - vectorish (byteVector and vector)

So the objects "true" and "false" are handled by the "slots mirror".
Since there is nothing special about them (not quite true - the
virtual machine must know about these objects for many primitives
to work) there aren't any methods like isReflecteeInteger.

-- Jecel

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