[self-interest] Re: graphics in Windows applications

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Wed Oct 20 21:19:47 UTC 1999

>             I am Maryah and I am looking for an application wich can
> open grafics of snapshot ( unix) in windows applications.... Can anybody
> help me?

If I understood correctly, you have used the "snapshot" applications
in Unix to capture a part of your Self screen and now want to
use this in a Windows application. When you capture the image, it
is shown in the "image viewer" application. You can select "save as..."
from the "file" menu, and can choose between several different
formats for the resulting file.

I prefer to save my images in the GIF format, which can be easily
viewed using any web browser (see the graphs that I captured directly
from the Self screen at http://www.lsi.usp.br/~jecel/tiny.html). You
can also use the JPEG format, but the image quality might not be
as good.

Depending on your particular application, the TIFF format might
be the easiest to use (I haven't tested it, but it is very likely
that Microsoft Word can read these kind of images).

>             I have another question... Does somobody know an operation
> in Self to know when an object is a boolean object?

This kind of programming, where you are worried about the
implementation details or kind of object that you are dealing
with, is called "reflection". This is very powerful, but should
be avoided whenever possible (an explanation about this would
be too long to include here). Self includes special objects called
"mirrors" that you can use for reflective programming. Just

   reflect: anObject

to obtain a mirror object that reflects on "anObject". This
will do what you want:

  (reflect: anObject) inheritsFrom: (reflect: traits boolean)

Make sure you *really* need this before going this route....

-- Jecel

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