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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
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anup_dargar at ndsu.nodak.edu wrote:

          Hi Anup:

           I am a sustainable architect generating architectural design
the context of an urban ecosystem. Architecture is above all art.
computer scientists are recognizing more and more that a software has
an artistic nature too. What does this mean essentially?

This means that the structure of art has the structure of a play. So there
should be a specular relation (a mirror relation) between the domain model
and the computational model. Hence protoype based languages  (pure object
oriented languages, not orbiting around the class concept) grant this
Hence their superiority over class based languages. Moreover prototype
languages can mimic class based languages perfectly well (see Self
includes: Smalltalk
by Mario Wolczko, sorry my postscript file is corrupted and so you have to
email Mario to ask him kindly to e-mail this interesting paper to you!!).
If you want to have a glimpse of my knowledge based system, I invite you
to access my home pages http://www.lsi.usp.br/~lourenci and read the paper
about The hermeneutic nature of an ecodesign model and Self, aprototype
based language.  A discussion was held among the PhDOO students
at ECOOP'97 held in Finland. If you want to download this discussion
you should e-mail to eernst at daimi.aau.dk or look for the Lecture Notes
in Computer Science, Workshop Reader from ECOOP'97 where this
discussion was published.

Right now I am developing research about hermeneutic computer science.

So it emphasizes the importance of prototype based languages within
the context of artificial intelligence.

If you have more questions, and I can be of help feel free to e-mail me.



> Hi,
> I am intrested in knowing the application of self language and also of
> kevo. can anybody help me. Also what benefits it has over other ool
> using class inheritance related to the application.
> Thanks
> Looking for an early reply.
> Anup Dargar
> Anup_Dargar at ndsu.nodak.edu
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