[self-interest] Re: Self 4.1.1

Bharat Bedia bharat_bedia at CommerzbankZGE.com
Fri Nov 26 08:21:36 UTC 1999

> From: Reinout Heeck [mailto:reinz at Desk.org]
> Bharat Bedia wrote:
> >
> > "Self 54" connect: Connection refused
> > connect: Connection refused
> I didn't try Self on unix, but to me this suggests it
> cannot connect to your X terminal.
> Are you running self as another user than your X session?
> Are you running it on another machine? 
>   (if so use unix command 'xhost')
> Is the shell environment variable $DISPLAY set?
>   (check with 'echo $DISPLAY', it should probably be set to ':0.0')

Ooops, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the environment:
The unix machine is a Sun Ultra60 running Solaris 2.6
My client machine is a Dell NT4.0 running Exceed. All unix apps display
themselves correctly on my PC (eg. xterm etc).
Indeed, running the Demo.snap, creates two blank X windows with the title
"Self 1" and "Self 8". 



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