[self-interest] Re: squeakifying?

Thorsten Dittmar Thorsten.Dittmar at daedalos.com
Fri Nov 19 17:35:23 UTC 1999


> From: Stefan Matthias Aust [mailto:sma at 3plus4.de]
> But then, there's the problem, integrating with your host
> opration system
> normally works against platform independence.

What exactly means platform independence? The different levels of
independence produce a quite different amount of work and complexity. And
why is platform dependence a question of the language? Yes we need something
to run our development environment on a lot of different platforms, but to
integrate host windows, av stuff etc. in a application has nothing to do
with our language. So what we need is a general mechanism to make all this
platform dependent stuff accessible for the development environment. If
somebody need a native widget, it must be able for him to develop some
objects to adapt this in a straight forward way.


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