[self-interest] Re: The Effort on Self

Gordon Cichon gordon at cichon.de
Thu Nov 18 14:49:15 UTC 1999

Hi Jose,
hi all,

maybe it is a good idea to start off with some kind
of "Self VM Documentation Project" for explaining to
people who are new to the thing what Self currently
is and what we already have.

I think the Self VM is a brilliant example of how to
do C++ programming, and I have learned a lot by just
reading the code. (Unfortunately, I have not had a
occasion of working with the Self code in Self, but
all Sunlabs members and Jecel certainly have a lot 
of experience with it).

And there are some newbees from here to then who 
say they would like to help but they do not know
how it works.

What do you think about a "Self VM Documentation Project"?


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