[self-interest] Re: Self on Linux (was: Self 4.1)

Thorsten Dittmar Thorsten.Dittmar at daedalos.com
Thu Nov 18 12:11:22 UTC 1999


> From: Gordon Cichon [mailto:gordon at cichon.de]
> >
> > So what can we do? I have one maybe crazy idea, but maybe
> it is useful
> > to push the linux port. We can invent a self weekend in our
> rooms for
> > everybody who want to join us. We will take care for
> machines, food and
> > a place to sleep and every participant take care for his
> knowledge and
> > brilliance ;-)
> >
> > What do you think about this?
> >
> > Thorsten Dittmar
> >
> > PS: This Millenium would be very nice, or not?
> >
> YES!!!!! Great idea! :-))))))))
> We could set up a cluster for *fast* VM compilation :-)
> Let's not do Millenium for it. I gave a promise not to
> touch any computer and not to use any computer dependent
> services on 1th January 2000. Let's say either 8th-9th
> or 15th-16th of January.

This dates are a little bit difficult for me.

>From the 6-8 we have our international meeting and a Y2K party. On the 15th
my daughter celebrate her birthday party. What do you think about some days
between 8-12. December. If this does not works I can try to reorganize the
9th-11th weekend. What a kind of hardware and software do we need? How many
people what to join us? Is there somebody from the other side of the sea who
want to join us??


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