[self-interest] Re: (export/import modules)

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Nov 17 22:44:37 UTC 1999

To export a module, you just need to file it out--

you can say "modules foo fileOut" or get the changedModules morph 
from the background
menu, and if the module has been changed, click on it's "W" button.
If the module has not been changed, the middle-button menu on the 
changed modules morph
can give you an outliner of all modules.

To import a module, one way is to say 'dir/foo.self' _RunScript.

Hope this helps,

- Dave

At 9:17 PM +0100 11/17/99, mpato wrote:
>          Hi everybody,
>             Could anyone give me information to export/import modules
>from a world to another?
>             Thanks for yuor help.
>                     Maryah
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