[self-interest] Re: Grammar changes - comments?

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Tue Nov 16 22:15:56 UTC 1999


gordon cichon <gordo- at cichon.de> wrote: 
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> Steve Dekorte wrote:
> > I don't know about the other Self fans out there, but my attraction
> > Self has to do with the power of it's namespace and object model,
> > it's syntax.
> Well, I think I owe you the answer what this might be. I have to
> admit that I do not have a clear answer to this right now. It seems to
> be something like an abstract syntax tree.

I'm not sure if I get your point, but this company named micro.... (you
will know what I mean;-) tried to do something like this but language
independent. The name for this stuff is IP means Intentional
Programming and you can get some infos at: http://www.research.microsof


Thorsten Dittmar

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