[self-interest] x problems (was: exceptions)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Mon Nov 15 21:31:13 UTC 1999

David Ungar wrote:
> I took a quick look at 16-bit X frame buffers.
> I have put Jecel's hack into paint in a reasonable way, but now
> XLoadQueryFont is failing
> with an obscure X error like "Bad Match" -- your arguments stink (I'm
> paraphrasing here).
> I'll try to look it up in my X book this weekend.
> It does not seem to like either the font name (byteVector) or the
> display proxy.
> How does anyone ever debug X stuff?

I can't help you there - there are two things I have done my best
to know as little about as I could: C++ and X Windows :-)

Wouldn't the way the Squeak group did graphics avoid this kind
of thing and make porting easier? They do everything in Squeak
(mostly translated to C, though) and only need the host GUI to
provide a way to copy from internal buffers to the screen. Then
practically everything becomes much easier to debug and actually
possible to fix.

-- Jecel

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