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David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Nov 12 07:25:15 UTC 1999

Great idea!
No, I don't recall seeing this before.
You might try asking Randy Smith (randy at eng.sun.com).

- Dave

At 9:43 PM -0600 11/8/99, Jerry Bell wrote:
>Quick question:
>Is there anything in Self like the Outliner but meant more for the end
>user?  I'm thinking of something where you could enter new values directly
>into the data slots, instead of using the evaluator.  It would provide
>different editors for different 'types' of slots, and would hide
>implementation details.  For example, you would have a drop-down list of
>(Rigid, Flexible, Shrink-Wrap) instead of looking in the comments for
>useful values for hResizing.
>I've looked at Properties a little, but it seems like I want more of
>a'different' outliner, possibly accessed by a toggle on the current
>outliner.  I also don't want to build a separate interface morph for each
>object, I am impressed by the Outliner etc and think the system could do a
>very nice job on its own (which could later be customized by the user).   
>I don't want to stop the end user  from 'getting under the hood' and
>actively changing the world, that after all is what Self is about.  But I
>think it may be useful to have a "I'm Using this object"  view of the
>outliner, and a "I'm mucking around under the hood" view as well.  Think
>boring database type objects like an Employee or a Department, where you
>have lots of bits of mostly textual data.
>I have more vaguely formed ideas about this which I would like to share for
>feedback, but I don't want to blather on about it if something like this
>already exists.
>Jerry Bell
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