[self-interest] Re: 4.1 stuff (was: Self 4.1 on ftp://self.sunlabs.com)

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Nov 5 05:02:13 UTC 1999

Thanks, Jecel.

I'll fix the atoms example.

Do you have a fix for the X true color bug?
Sorry about not crediting you with the patch.

- Dave

PS: In a few days, I will have uploaded the Mac performance fix.

At 7:53 PM -0200 11/3/99, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
>I liked the little enhancements like outliner buttons, the change
>in the atoms example and so on.
>In the atoms example, the buttons have to be changed from
>"stopGettingStepped" to just "stop". Otherwise you get a strange
>effect when the simulation is stopped but the tank has to redraw
>itself (stretch a carpetMorph over it to see what I mean).
>I liked the true color fixes, but they have the same bug mine
>did: this method in traits xlib display
>  xSetGC: t0 Foreground: t1 IfFail: fb = (
>      _XSetForegroundSetGC: t0 Foreground: t1 IfFail:
>    [|:e| ('badTypeError'  isPrefixOf: e)
>      || ['deadProxyError' isPrefixOf: e]
>        ifFalse: [^fb value: e]
>           True: [
>               ( reviveIfFail: [|:e| ^ fb value: e])
>                 (t0 reviveIfFail: [|:e| ^ fb value: e])
>                 Foreground: t1 asSmallInteger ifFail:
>                 fb
>       ]] .
>  self
>  )
>ends up sending 'asSmallInteger' to a paint object (since that
>is what t1 is, as this is what 'indexOf:' returns when in true
>color mode), which makes for a very unhappy Self :-)
>I just did a quick test and the failure I am getting above is
>-- Jecel
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