[self-interest] 4.1 stuff (was: Self 4.1 on ftp://self.sunlabs.com)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at tunes.org
Wed Nov 3 21:53:11 UTC 1999

I liked the little enhancements like outliner buttons, the change
in the atoms example and so on.

In the atoms example, the buttons have to be changed from
"stopGettingStepped" to just "stop". Otherwise you get a strange
effect when the simulation is stopped but the tank has to redraw
itself (stretch a carpetMorph over it to see what I mean).

I liked the true color fixes, but they have the same bug mine
did: this method in traits xlib display

  xSetGC: t0 Foreground: t1 IfFail: fb = (

      _XSetForegroundSetGC: t0 Foreground: t1 IfFail:

    [|:e| ('badTypeError'  isPrefixOf: e)
      || ['deadProxyError' isPrefixOf: e]
        ifFalse: [^fb value: e]
           True: [
               ( reviveIfFail: [|:e| ^ fb value: e])
                 (t0 reviveIfFail: [|:e| ^ fb value: e])
                 Foreground: t1 asSmallInteger ifFail:
       ]] .

ends up sending 'asSmallInteger' to a paint object (since that
is what t1 is, as this is what 'indexOf:' returns when in true
color mode), which makes for a very unhappy Self :-)

I just did a quick test and the failure I am getting above is

-- Jecel

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