[self-interest] Re: Self 4.1 on ftp://self.sunlabs.com

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Nov 3 04:02:04 UTC 1999


I think the http links are working, now.
Also, I have three fixes which I will upload this weekend when I get back.
One makes the UI much more responsive,
one speeds the transporter up,
one adds support for OS 9.

- Dave

At 4:25 PM -0800 11/1/99, jdbell at fareselaw.com wrote:
>I was too excited to be clear earlier...
>I'm not done downloading yet (I may have the crappiest ISP on the
>planet), but the mac stuff is available on that ftp site.
>The link from the web page doesn't work yet.
>> Can someone post to the group when the Mac executables are
>> available? I'm getting tired of hitting the reload button. :-)
>> Steve
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