[self-interest] Self 4.1 on ftp://self.sunlabs.com

jdbell at fareselaw.com jdbell at fareselaw.com
Mon Nov 1 23:55:18 UTC 1999

Hi all...

I've ruined about three keyboards with anticipatory drool, but finally
a reward.  The links on the web page still don't seem to work, but the
Self 4.1 release stuff can be found on the ftp site.   /pub/self/Self
4.1 or something like that.

So, I've officially appropriated my girlfriend's iMac and am
downloading as we speak.  It feels like Christmas around here!

Don't worry about her though, she likes the 21" monitor on my machine
better anyway.  

Hello to everyone lucky enough to be at OOPSLA this year, and many many
thanks to David Ungar!


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