[self-interest] Re: Self 4.1 coming out--see you at OOPSLA

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Nov 1 07:21:57 UTC 1999

Thanks, Jecel.

Well, I checked the site tonight, and the web pages are there, but 
not the files
to be loaded, sigh.
I'm not sure why.
(Some problem with the mirroring process, I guess).

I do have a PowerBook here and a few CDs.
A port would  be great!

I think it does include the Oz thing.
As far as the name bit, I don't know....you could talk to Randy or 
Mario, I guess.

- Dave

At 3:01 PM -0200 10/31/99, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
>David Ungar wrote:
>> Hi, everyone!
>> I have just finishing putting Self 4.1 on the Sun internal machine
>> that gets pushed out to
>> http://self.sunlabs.com
>Wow! This is the best news I have had yet (and there actually
>has been a lot of good stuff happening lately!).
>> I don't know how soon the files will get pushed, but any day now
>> release 4.1 should be out there.
>Ooops! I tried downloading before I even finished reading your
>email (am I anxious or what? :-). No wonder the directory doesn't
>exist yet.
>> This has the Mac port and the VM portability framework.
>I hope you take one of the PowerBooks to show at OOPSLA. That
>should have some impact, specially at the Squeak BOF session.
>Let's see how long it will take for a X86 port to show up now!
>BTW, does 4.1 include the Oz debugging thing? If it does then
>1) I'll have to change the name of my 3D GUI to something else ;-)
>2) I'll feel a lot safer letting novices play around with Self
>Good job!
>-- Jecel
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