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Stefan Matthias Aust sma at netsurf.de
Sun May 30 15:03:56 UTC 1999

Jecel wrote:

>It is indeed much like the Wiki Wiki Web or the SWiki, but I felt
>something more structured would be better. 

I've the same feeling but then a friend of mine told me (and somewhat
convinced me) that hypertext is actually made for non-structured data and
that at least some spaces in your web should feature this kind of
unstructured (chaotic) data as this can feature creativity.

>> [pyweb]

>Sounds very interesting, but looking through some search engines
>(even at http://www.python.org) didn't turn up anything. It is
>always nice to look at sample source code, but I will still have
>to write most of this site from scratch.

If I'm back home again, I can send you the source.

> > - at some point there will be a demand for the software at this
> >   site to be distributed via CD-ROMs. Many people prefer to pay
> >   $20 or so in order not to have to download 30MB over a modem.

I really like that idea!

> >   I am looking into selling these CD-ROMs myself (though anyone
> >   else is free to do so as well). Should I have a system where
> >   people can tag that stuff they put on the web site shouldn't
> >   go into the CD-ROM?

by adding content to the web, people already agreed upon distribution I
think.  You should warn them that they give away there exclusive copyright
to the one who produces the CD.  However, they also keep the copyright for
all other matters.  Therefore, I think that's not needed.

> > - the site will be multilingual: every page will include links

Cool idea, but i fear that this will reduce the usage of the overall site
if people start to write things in there own language only.  You should
force them to submit at least an english (=international) version.  And
what's about but reports and other notes - will you provide them also as

> >      go to the technology page[pt][FR][es][de]. Also see...
> >                --------------- --  --  --  --

You could also use little flags - in bright colors for up-to-date info and
in dim colors for older information.  Up to date flags might even be
animated as if they're moved by the wind.

Stefan Matthias Aust // Truth Until Paradox!


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