[self-interest] Re: The initial Self World

David Ungar david.ungar at eng.sun.com
Tue May 25 00:10:37 UTC 1999

I'm glad you have a SPARC to play with Self on, and
it sounds as though Jecel has already answered your questions.

Have your tried either of the UIs yet?
They offer more visual ways to explore than in the empty world.

- Dave

At 9:09 AM -0300 5/20/99, Douglas Atique wrote:
>Hi, folks!
>I somehow managed to get Self 4.0 to run on a SPARCstation here at my
>workplace. Now I can understand better a lot of things that I knew in
>theory, but couldn´t feel in practice.
>I am experimenting a little with the empty Self world, that is the bare
>VM. I tried to do the following:
>self _AddSlots: ( | prims = _PrimitiveList . credits = _Credits | )
>This was successful and added the two slots to the lobby (strangely one
>cannot access the lobby with the "lobby" selector, but with "self"
>because the VM# prompt evaluation context is the lobby).
>Unfortunately, what I wanted to do was to invoke the credits slot as a
>method slot, so that it would print the credits. Instead, the result was
>that it only kept the returned object (´Thanks!´) on the slot. Then I
>tried another idea:
>self _AddSlots: ( | prims = _PrimitiveList . credits = [ _Credits ] | )
>Yes, a block. Perhaps I could invoke the primitive with "self credits
>Unfortunately it didn´t work. It only complained about non-lifo blocks
>invocation after the block´s enclosing scope has returned.
>Does anyone know a workaround to really INVOKING a primitive from a slot
>of the lobby (or generically any object)?
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