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Stefan Matthias Aust sma at netsurf.de
Mon May 24 09:15:16 UTC 1999

>I am thinking of setting up a new web site for use by all in the
>Self community. 

Sounds like this "WikiWikiWeb" idea Ward Cunningham et.al.  What kind of
advantages do you expect compared to this email list?  

>I will pay for it myself, and will also do the
>necessary programming (in Python, I'm afraid. I can't use Self or
>even Squeak/PWS to host a site with commercial hosting services)

There's a package called pyweb which is a RCS based wiki web implemented in
Python.  (It comes with a full set Kent Beck-style unit test, btw :-)  If
you can't locate it in the web, I can set you a copy.  It's GLPed, I think.

>to get it going. The pages will be editable by everyone (with
>some minimal protection to avoid vandalism), so this won't work
>unless there are enough interested people.

IMHO, the advantage of a wiki-style web is the collaboration aspect.  While
a mailing list tends to feature a general - not targeted - discussion, such
kind of web can help to reach a certain goal.  If there is one.  I'm not
sure whether just the existance of the infrastructure will trigger the
needed goal and I believe you actually want to set the goal first :-)

>My idea for the layout would be something like the OutlinerMorphs
>in Self 4.0, with the following categories:

Otherwise I like these categories however, all wikis I know of feature the
creation of any kind of additional web pages so it shouldn't be difficult
to add more categories if needed or even work without categories at all.

>For any given page, the following items can be added separately:

Here, this become more interesting as you leave the scope of a simple wiki
and add more semantics to a page.  I like this (especially as this goes
conform with another (somewhat secret) project of mine, code-named contiki,
where people can comment on pages without changing them, having a list of
request per page which can be dealt with by the page maintainer). I didn't
know that the green book already described such a system.  (I really would
want to get my hands on a copy of that book :-)

Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf.


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