[self-interest] chat results

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Mon May 17 05:28:27 UTC 1999

We had a nice little chat on Saturday, from about 10pm to 11pm GMT.
Diego Gómez Deck was there first, soon joined by me and Germán Morales
(who left in the middle). Stefan Matthias Aust arrived pretty near
that begining and Federico Ricca more towards the end.

We mostly talked about the JSelf project (and got to see it in action)
and how it was similar to what Stefan wants to do, and how the next
version will be similar to what I want to do (called Self/R, previously
tinySelf 2). I also talked about my hardware implementation of Self
(called Merlin 6).

It was a lot of effort, both to coordinate getting together in the
first place and then to keep the conversation going in the chat
format with delays. But I feel it was worth it - email is sometimes
too slow for some things.

-- Jecel


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