[self-interest] Chats and other events

Douglas Atique datique at alcatel.com.br
Fri May 14 12:22:01 UTC 1999

I have been reading about your chat plans and have suggestions:
- you could try to start with mini-chats with few people, for which it
is easier to arrange the date and time. Then when it gets successful,
you just invite more people. It will be easier to get people to attend
the event if some of them have already tried and liked.
- you could standardize the way you talk about time, for example always
specify time UTC (explicitly), so that everyone understands everyone.
There are so many messages that say things like : "What time is the
chat?" or "What time zone?"
- you could establish what you are going to talk about. For example, I
didn´t apply to the chat because I have noticed that I was the only one
speaking about Self internals, almost speaking to myself. If the chat
were about internals, I would attend. If I don´t know what it is about,
perhaps it won´t interest me so much. So define what you are going to
chat about.
I hope you have a successful chat and that this be the first of many.

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