[self-interest] Re: Implementation

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sun Jun 27 19:22:03 UTC 1999

I seem to recall that CallSelf just invokes a "doIt" method that
calls the real method.

- Dave

At 8:27 AM -0300 6/16/99, Douglas Atique wrote:
>Hello, all. (BTW, I have noticed the list is rather quiet lately.)
>Here is a little question about the VM.
>We know there are three kinds of sends: unary, binary and keyword. I
>have been looking at the runtime part of the VM code and found out about
>an assembly routine named
>oop CallSelf(nmethod method, oop receiver, oop arg)
>which seems to me the part of code that really evaluates a send with
>compiled native methods, returning an oop. As you might have noticed,
>this function takes only one argument. In my opinion, to the send. My
>question is: how can the VM evaluate binary and keyword sends if it can
>give CallSelf only 1 argument?
>I hope not to be too simplistic, but I am not very fluent in SPARC
>assembly and didn't understand much of the code. It also seems that all
>this is mixed in intricate ways with the Self threading system.
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