[self-interest] Re: Scientific experiment

Douglas Atique datique at alcatel.com.br
Tue Jun 22 21:05:48 UTC 1999

jecel at lsi.usp.br wrote:

> Douglas Atique wrote:
> > My thesis was that all objects that aren't referenced by the lobby would
> > be reclaimed by the garbage collector. Even though this is contradictory
> > if we take into account the fact that many objects that are named
> > anObject aren't referenced by the lobby and don't get garbage collected
> > after some time.
> Actually, those objects you see floating around the GUI named
> just 'anObject' are referenced by the lobby. There is a global
> called 'desktop' which has some worldMorphs which has a bunch
> of morphs including some outliners which reference a mirror
> which have those objects you are talking about as their reflectees.

But when I remove all the slots from the lobby, they shouldn't be accessible,
should they? So if they are not accessible, shouldn't they be garbage

> > Where are Self objects hung? Does anyone know? How
> > could I garbage collect them?
> The scheduler has a list of processes that are ready to run,
> and these certainly can't become garbage while they are in
> this list. And the processes have stacks with the those
> "activation objects" ("context objects", for you Smalltalk fans)
> which point to their receivers, arguments and a few other objects.
> So you are going to have to kill as many processes as you can
> (at the console, try control-C and then use the resulting menu)
> before calling the _GarbageCollect to ge the best results.

I have not been able to kill processes because there weren't any. Then I
stopped the scheduler and started removing slots from the lobby. Finally, I
turned the lobby into an empty object so that I couldn't evaluate any
expression. But that didn't free a lot of memory, as the spy showed me. So I
0 _AsObject
and suddenly false was printed, and even though the lobby didn't refer to it
anymore it still referred to the lobby through its slot parent*. Could this
reference have anything to do with it? Else, the fact that I could recover
false through _AsObject without it being referred to the lobby suggests me
that there is some kind of table where references to objects are kept. Do you
know about such a table?

> -- Jecel
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