[self-interest] Re: GUI and console (was: data structures)

Jose' B. Garcia Perez-Schofield jgarcia at ei.uvigo.es
Thu Jun 10 06:17:28 UTC 1999

> than, for example, Smalltalk-74 was. In fact, Self is the result of
> an effort to create a Smalltalk-86. So I always present Self to
> people as "a Smalltalk dialect" instead of a separate language.
	 I didn't know that !   :-)
> in the graphical interface, but it doesn't make much sense to do
> so if you can get the same result much more easily by typing '()'
> in a shell within the GUI itself.
> -- Jecel

	If the GUI were built in Self that would explain why it is so 
slow performing some operations, and, also, why it takes too much memory 

	Ok, ok, it is a joke.




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