[self-interest] Re: web site and CD-ROMs

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Mon Jun 7 19:22:57 UTC 1999

Stefan Matthias Aust wrote:
> It's public available not to for the public to copy.  This is what copy
> right really means - the exclusive right to duplicate the work (and to make
> money from that).  Think about books.  They're public available (you don't
> need to sign a contract or an NDA for most book ;-) but you're not allowed
> to reproduce them.
> So people must agree that you (and possible other) have the right to copy
> their work.

Ah... this is an interesting viewpoint. I guess I am too involved
in the technical side of the web to see this kind of thing. Since
browsing a web page involves *copying* that page to your local
machine (http is a protocol for copying files, after all) it seemed
natural to me that if a page wasn't protected by passwords or
something that the author was granting people permission to copy it.

But now that you put it that way, I can see that people think of it
as if they were reading the pages *on the server* itself, and so
it would only be copying if they uploaded the page to some other
server. Some people allow you to user their images if you link to
the originals instead of copying them to your site. This is like
the idea of "transclusion" (I think that was the term) from Ted
Nelson's Xanadu: you can quote but not copy.

> [deja.com]

Thanks for the tip. I looked around there, but only saw the polls
and usenet lists, not that shared stuff you mentioned.

On a related subject: I am seriously considering getting a
dedicated link to the internet instead of going with the RapidSite
web hosting service. The down side to this would be that the link
would only be 33K and it would be much harder for me to keep the
site up for 24 hours a day. But I would have more control - I could
do all the programming in Self instead of Python, for example :-)

-- Jecel


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