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Reinaldo Silveira-local silveira at lsi.usp.br
Mon Jun 7 20:14:47 UTC 1999

Welcome Jose,

I'll try to help.

"Jose' B. Garcia Perez-Schofield" wrote:

> > >  I have finally gain acces to a Sun Station with Self 4.00 installed,
> and, of course, some doubts arose. >
> > Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy using Self.
>         :-)
> > > How can I assign a name to the object ?
> > The way I normally make a new slot pointing to an object I see on
> > the screen is:
> >
>         Excuse me, but I didn't understand the explanations.. :-(

OK! What Jecel means is that ANY object that have a name, can give a name to
an unnamed object. (sorry about my english...:.P)

For example,

1) take the outliner of you working shell.

I've chosen the shell because it already has a name, it could be any other
object. As Jecel sad this is normally done by the globals...

2) add a new slot, for example: myCard <- nil.
3) in the new slot created, move you cursor to the right most button ":", and
select with the middle mouse button the option "Grab pointer".

Then, the button will be grabbed to your cursor...

4) Drop the button to the object you want to name.

You will see the button attached to the upper_left corner of your objects, and
slot's content in the shell will be change from nil to 'an object', showing
that the
the slot's content have been changed.

5) move again you cursor to the 'myCard' slot in the shell outliner and choose

with the middle mouse button the option "Make creator".

Voilá, the name is given... You unnamed object will be renamed to 'shell

IMPORTANT: Be careful on what object you are using in this on your
I took a system object (shell), so I don't recommend saving this image after

> >   1) make a constant slot with an expression like 'testing = 0'
>         ok, I write in a SHELL 'persona' and click over "Evaluate"
>         An slot with the string 'persona' appears.

I'm not sure about what you did, but i guess not an slot came out, but an
string containing 'persona'.

>         (note: why if I write 'persona' into the Self Text Terminal, the
> slot doesn't appears over the UI, the World. This is not an incongruence ?)
> >   2) click on the new slot's button to "sprout" the 0 object
>         What do you mean with the '0 object' ?

Probably a typing error!

>         What slot button ?

That right most button on the slot, labeled with ":".

>         The parent* slot of the slot 'persona', which has a '=' button ?

Can be also...

> >   3) choose 'drag arrow' from the menu on the arrow head
> >   4) point to the new object
> >
> > This is complicated to describe, but takes a fraction of a second
> > to do.
> >
> > -- Jecel
> >

Sure, graphical stuff is hard to describe  with words.

>         I think it is not trivial. Why not an slot added automatically

No, it's not trivial, but simple after you've seen it...

> to any object, with the default contents ' an object ', which
> should be editable ?

I didn't understand the question!



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