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Jose' B. Garcia Perez-Schofield jgarcia at ei.uvigo.es
Mon Jun 7 16:36:22 UTC 1999

> >  I have finally gain acces to a Sun Station with Self 4.00 installed, 
and, of course, some doubts arose. > 
> Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy using Self.


> > How can I assign a name to the object ?

> The way I normally make a new slot pointing to an object I see on
> the screen is:

	Excuse me, but I didn't understand the explanations.. :-(

>   1) make a constant slot with an expression like 'testing = 0'

	ok, I write in a SHELL 'persona' and click over "Evaluate"

	An slot with the string 'persona' appears.

	(note: why if I write 'persona' into the Self Text Terminal, the 
slot doesn't appears over the UI, the World. This is not an incongruence ?) 

>   2) click on the new slot's button to "sprout" the 0 object

	What do you mean with the '0 object' ?

	What slot button ?

	The parent* slot of the slot 'persona', which has a '=' button ?

>   3) choose 'drag arrow' from the menu on the arrow head


>   4) point to the new object
> This is complicated to describe, but takes a fraction of a second
> to do.
> -- Jecel

	I think it is not trivial. Why not an slot added automatically 
to any object, with the default contents ' an object ', which 
should be editable ?

	Salud !



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