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Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Mon Jun 7 00:35:47 UTC 1999

Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield wrote:
> I have finally gain acces to a Sun Station with Self 4.00 installed, and, of course, some doubts arose.

Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy using Self.

> If I execute from a Shell anywhere on the desktop, something like:
> (| parent *= clonable. name = 'person'.pers_name <- ''. pers_phone <- '' | )
> I then get an object with the three slots, but the name of the object is 'an object'.....

Yes, that is the default unless you do the following:

> It is mandatory to register it in the globals object to assign a name to him ?
> How can I assign a name to the object ?

The name of the object is assigned when you have some slot pointing
to it and you select "make creator" from the middle button menu on
that slot. Most objects have their creator slots in the globals object,
but you can put that slot in any object that already has a proper
name and you will get the expected results: if you create a new
slot called 'test' in an object called 'traits circleMorph' and make
that point to your new object (and make it the creator), then you
will see the name of your new object change to

    'traits circleMorph test'

The way I normally make a new slot pointing to an object I see on
the screen is:

  1) make a constant slot with an expression like 'testing = 0'
  2) click on the new slot's button to "sprout" the 0 object
  3) choose 'drag arrow' from the menu on the arrow head
  4) point to the new object

This is complicated to describe, but takes a fraction of a second
to do.

-- Jecel


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