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Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos- jbgarcia at pi.seinv.uvigo.es
Sat Jun 5 06:02:59 UTC 1999

Hi, all !

I have finally gain acces to a Sun Station with Self 4.00 installed, and, of course, some doubts arose.

If I execute from a Shell anywhere on the desktop, something like:

(| parent *= clonable. name = 'person'.pers_name <- ''. pers_phone <- '' | )

I then get an object with the three slots, but the name of the object is 'an object'.....

It is mandatory to register it in the globals object to assign a name to him ?

How can I assign a name to the object ?

Thank you in advance,

	.. and excusem because of my beginner question...




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