[self-interest] Re: Interpreting directed resends

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Sat Jul 24 19:45:35 UTC 1999

Douglas Atique wrote:
> When interpreting the Self bytecode of a resend (SUPER_SEND), can I
> always assume that the resend is directed iff there was a DELEGATEE
> bytecode after the last send?

In the tinySelf 1 interpreter, the code that handles DELEGATEE
looks at the next bytecode (after any index extension ones, of
course) and generates an error if it isn't a RESEND bytecode. If
it is, then a directed resend is executed.

So a RESEND bytecode is only seen by the outer loop of the interpreter
if it was *not* preceeded by a DELEGATEE; then a non directed
resend is executed.

-- Jecel

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