[self-interest] Re: self-interest digest

Mario Wolczko mario at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Jul 7 21:11:03 UTC 1999

Gordon Cichon wrote:
> Actual Self objects are always allocated inside the object system, i.e.
> the new space or eden space of the Self world. 

The last part of this is not exactly true -- under certain conditions
(mostly dependent on the size of the object and the amount of free
space in Eden or the Survivor spaces) an object can be allocated
directly into the old generation.  Canonical strings are also
allocated directly in old space, as I recall.

It is true, however, that all Self object reside in either Eden, one
of the Survivor spaces, or the set of spaces that comprise the Old
generation.  See universe.hpp, generation.hpp and space.hpp for the
relevant structures.  The Spy presents a fairly realistic depiction of
these spaces.



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