[self-interest] Re: Would 'Self' make a good scripting language?

Steve Dekorte steve at dekorte.com
Thu Jan 28 23:23:31 UTC 1999

khayes at flash.net wrote:
> > > Take a look at TCL also- buttons take a single line to
> > > create... it takes 3x more code in Java. Self is closer
> > > to Java in this respect.
> > 
> > Why not clone an existing Button and modify it?
> Do you have any data to show that this is quicker? 

Yes, I've used GUI's for creating interfaces where I could clone and
modify buttons instantly with zero lines of code.
> ...However the next Olympics the winners adopted his style- due to its
> aerodynamic advantages..

We'll most programmers use big initializers now, so I think your metaphor
would favor the few arguments in initializers technique.

>> Lua has a more elegant way of dealing with these
>> than python.
> How so?

You can send as many arguments as you like to any method.
If that method takes fewer arguments, it puts the rest into a local "args" variable.
I prefer this because I don't like how python's optional named arguments complicate
the syntax and encourage the use of this feature for data flow/functional programing.
Python can also do something similiar to Lua for variable arguments, but 
it also has it's own syntax, making it less elegant than Lua.


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