[self-interest] Re: Self on Linux

Gordon Cichon Gordon at Cichon.de
Mon Jan 25 00:17:03 UTC 1999


I am so stupid, it's unbelieveable...;-)
I just found what I would have needed so much
in the beginning: the description of the Self stack frame.

The port of NIC is making progress: I can call primitives now,
'_Credits' works, '_Spy: true' works partially, it enters
the C code with correct parameters but the window only opens
in single step mode within the debugger (propably because
of the turned off signals). '1 _IntAdd: 1' works as well as
something like '( | x = 17. y = 18 | ) x'.

Assignable slots do not work yet, nor did I have a closer 
look at non local returns. The GC masks inside the SendDescs 
need to be fixed as well as the traversal of the stack frames.
A lot of the primitive assembler code is also not yet written.


PS: I would like to get the group by email. The mail adress
given on the web page to subscribe it does not work. What
can I do?

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