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James Noble kjx at mpce.mq.edu.au
Thu Jan 21 05:20:57 UTC 1999

Mario wrote:
> James, Antero or Ivan could supply more details.

I think that most of the papers (certainly a majority) are new.  To
whet your appetite, here is the table of contents.  The book is with
the publisher --- I'll let you know when it is availible.

Foreword   vii
    David Ungar
Preface   ix
Contributors   xv
Introduction   xix

PART I : Concepts and History   1

Classes vs. Prototypes: Some Philosophical and Historical Observations 3 
   Antero Taivalsaari 
Classifying Prototype-based  Programming Languages   7
    Christophe Dony and Jacques Malenfant and Daniel Bardou 
The Stripetalk Papers: Understandability as a Language Design Issue
   in Object-Oriented Programming Systems   47
   Thomas R.G. Green and Alan Borning and Tim O'Shea and 
   Moina Minoughan and Randall B. Smith 
Classes versus Prototypes in Object-Oriented Languages    63
   Alan Borning 

PART II : Languages 75

Programming as an Experience:   The Inspiration for Self    77
   Randall B. Smith and David Ungar 
NewtonScript: Prototypes on the Palm   109
   Walter R. Smith   
The Prototype-Instance Object Systems in Amulet and Garnet   141
   Brad A. Myers and Rich McDaniel and Rob Miller and 
   Brad Vander Zanden and   Dario Giuse and David Kosbie and
   Andrew Mickish  
Omega: Statically Typed Prototypes   177
   Gunther Blaschek 

PART II : Research and Applications   197

Self includes: Smalltalk   199
   Mario Wolczko 
Using Prototypes for Program Restructuring   217
   Ivan Moore 
Prototype-Based Programming for Abstract Program Visualisation 231
   James Noble 
Agora: The Scheme of Object-Orientation, 
   or, the Simplest MOP in the World	 247
   Wolfgang De Meuter 

Afterword   273
   Dave Thomas 
Bibliography   281

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