[self-interest] smalltalk emulator (was: bytecode formats)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Tue Jan 19 15:18:41 UTC 1999

nobody at nowhere.org (Mario) wrote:
> Jecel wrote:
> > I think Mario's Smalltalk simply ignores cascades.
> No, it handles them, using blocks.
> A revised version of the paper I presented at the prototypes workshop
> at OOPSLA (96?) ("Smalltalk includes: self")
> is to appear in the forthcoming (imminent?) book on prototype-
> based programming edited by Noble, Taivalsaari and Moore, and contains
> details of the various transformations.

Ooops - I reread the smalltalk.ps document and saw that cascades
aren't mentioned at all. I guess I was thinking of non-lifo blocks,
but I see that even they are supported (though not transparently).

Will this book be the proceedings of the workshop or will it be
something new? In either case, I look forward to reading it.

-- Jecel

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