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Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Mon Feb 15 16:29:57 UTC 1999

Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos-
> Hi, all !
>         I'm a beginner in Self, with a general interest in prototype object languages.
>         This is just a salute message, but I have a first question about Self:
>         It is possible to programme WITHOUT the graphical environment, I mena, just giving a Self source text file ?

Actually, this was the only way to use Self from versions 1.0 through
3.0. The graphical environment was instroduced in the latest version
(4.0), but you can still use it from the text prompt if you like.
I do it when I just want to try a quick expression.

> PD: I'm noticed about the porting efforts to Linux: what about Win32 platforms ?Is there any attempt to port Self to Win32 ?
> (There is only a question, don't be offended ;-D)

The main difficulty in porting Self is changing the compilers to
generate code for processors other than the Sparc. Since Self 4.0
runs on Solaris/SunOS and X Windows, porting to a Unix on the PC
means you don't have to worry about the graphical stuff or OS
details. So the best way to have Self on Win32 is to first get it
on the X86 (on Linux, Solaris X86 or something like that) and then
change the graphical calls (perhaps using some porting library) in
a second step. I would prefer it if Self did almost all of the
graphics itself - Squeak does it and nearly all of its code is
identical on X, Mac and Win32.

-- Jecel

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