[self-interest] cichon.de goes offline temporarily

Gordon Cichon gordon at cichon.de
Fri Dec 31 14:41:45 UTC 1999

Hi all,

I am sorry to have to tell you that my web server
www.cichon.de, as well as my e-mail address
gordon at cichon.de is going to go offline today -
hopefully for a short period of time only.

The reason is that the German ISP which I used
to have (camelot.de) is so tremendously expensive 
so that I can not afford to leave my stuff there
for any longer time. He charges me DM 1,25 per
Mega-Byte (abt. 70 cent) plus taxes, and he wrote
bills of more than DM 5000,- (abt. $3000) to me.
This is incredible.

I am trying to change to an US-ISP for more than
3 month already, but denic, the German version of
internic simply refuses to enter a new name server
record because of some pedantic technical requirements 
which they are not even able to tell me in advance.
It is unbelievable. denic charges DM 230,- per year
(abt. $150) just for a name server they don't even
run by themselves.

You can still reach me at cichon.com, so please send
any urgent e-mail to gordon at cichon.com in the meantime.

See you, happy new year :-)

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