[self-interest] Re: Sparc 2 with Solaris 2.6

John Ars dolphinuser at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 29 16:59:56 UTC 1999

Thanks a bunch, Jecel.  Sorry for the extra email I sent you about this

On your recommendation I decided to go ahead and buy it (plus, the
price wan't bad at only $200).


jecel assumpcao jr. <jece- at merlintec.com> wrote: 
original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/self-interest/?start=524
> > Does anyone know if Self will run appropiately on a Sparc 2, 64 MB
> > Solaris 2.6?
> John,
> it should be usable on this configuration. All of the Sparc 2's I had
access to
> had 16MB (or less!) of RAM and so I wasn't able to see how much of a
factor the
> slow processor was. I did see the Voyager (Sparc 2 portable) running
Self 4.0
> and it seemed very reasonable. Of course, this was back in 1995 and
> definition of "reasonable" certainly has changed....
> -- Jecel

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