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David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Dec 18 00:00:08 UTC 1999


Thanks for your support for the Self community!!!!

- Dave

>Eileen Head wrote:
>>  Hi, I am college student at Binghamton University currently trying to
>>  learn Self.  I installed the self program by itself on a Soloaris
>>  machine by itself.  I run the program Self but I cannot get the
>>  graphical interface running.  I also see that there is a virtual machine
>>  that can also be installed.
>The program called "Self" (a little over 5 MB in version 4.1) is the virtual
>machine. When you run it all by itself, it creates an "empty world" 
>with just a
>few objects in it. This empty world has no graphical user interface and can't
>even do simple things like add two numbers very nicely ("2+2" will cause an
>error). If Self comes up instantly and presents a "VM#" prompt, you will know
>that you are working in an empty world. Note that there is enough 
>here that you could build a more interesting world yourself (for example,
>primitive operations work so you could do "2 _IntAdd: 2" and get "4"), but it
>is best to start out with a well populated world.
>>  What exactly needs to be installed and run
>>  to use the graphical Self interface.  I cannot seem to accomplish
>>  anything running Self by itself.  Thank you. 
>You should have a snapshot file called "Demo.snap" (some 15 MB) and/or
>BareBones.snap (11 MB) if you downloaded Self 4.1 or a file called "Snapshot"
>(29 MB) if you are using Self 4.0. You can cause the Self virtual machine to
>read in the objects from a Snapshot by doing something like:
>     ./Self -s Demo.snap
>A very different possibility is that you are loading a snapshot but when the
>graphical user interface tries to run there are some X Window errors. In this
>case the problem can either be that your X server is running with 
>more than 256
>colors (this currently doesn't work) or that you haven't given permission for
>the host running Self to write to your screen.
>If none of this advice works for you, please give some more details so we can
>try to figure out what is wrong.
>Good luck,
>-- Jecel
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