[self-interest] Re: speed

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Dec 18 00:39:31 UTC 1999

That's plenty of memory.
Did you have virtual memory enabled?
The Self.4.1 release had  a performance bug with VM turned off.
(Fixed in 4.1.1).

Could you tell us more about your G3?
What is its clock?

I have run Self on an original iMac and it seemed fine.

- Dave

At 1:41 PM -0800 12/17/99, Steve Dekorte wrote:
>I got a chance to run Self on a G3 with 128M.
>It was cool to see it running on a Mac, but it was very slow.
>Is this because it's an early version or did my machine not have
>enough memory or something?
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