[self-interest] Re: speed

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Dec 18 00:41:24 UTC 1999

Actually, I used Self for a while in a 266Mhz machine.
It was not really that slow, even without the SIC.
I did a lot of programming within Self, then moved up to a 400MHz machine
and have done  a lot more hacking.

I'm not sure what Steve is seeing.

- Dave

At 8:03 PM -0200 12/17/99, Jecel Assumpcao Jr. wrote:
>Steve Dekorte wrote:
>>  I got a chance to run Self on a G3 with 128M.
>>  It was cool to see it running on a Mac, but it was very slow.
>>  Is this because it's an early version or did my machine not have
>>  enough memory or something?
>Self includes two compilers:
>   - NIC, the Non Inlining Compiler, is very fast but generates very poor code
>that doesn't run much faster than an interpreter would. All methods are
>initially compiled with it
>   - SIC, the Simple Inlining Compiler, is not as fast as NIC but it generates
>very good code. Instead of doing extensive type analysis like the compiler in
>Self 1.0 and 2.0 did, it uses type information generated by actually running
>the code created by the NIC for a while. So the SIC is used to recompile
>methods that are determined to be critical to overall performance (the "hot
>spots" of the application, hence the name of the HotSpot technology 
>in Java 2.0)
>Well, this is how things work on the Sparc. For the PowerPC port, David Ungar
>only converted the NIC, so the lack of performance you are seeing is to be
>expected. The Linux Intel port that Gordon Cichon started to write also only
>included the NIC ("simple" is such a relative term ;-)
>In short: the NIC is enough to get Self running on a machine, but the SIC is
>needed to make it fast.
>-- Jecel
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