[self-interest] Re: Compiler Links. Was: License?

John Ars dolphinuser at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 17 20:32:16 UTC 1999

jecel assumpcao jr. <jece- at merlintec.com> wrote: 

> P.S.: thanks for the link for the compiler books. I haven't been able
to look
> at it yet since none of the browsers that I have tried so far seem to
be able
> to cope with this site....

Hmm, maybe this will help:

Compiler Design
Displaying Titles 1 - 2 of 2  

Compilers : Principles, Techniques, and Tools  
by: Aho, Alfred V. / Sethi, Ravi / Ullman, Jeffrey D.
Our Price: $51.85
Status: ready to ship 
Crafting a Compiler With C  
by: Fischer, Charles N. / Leblanc, Richard J. Jr.
Our Price: $60.69
Status: ready to ship 

I see that you can find them at Amazon.com, also.  Are you presently in
Brazil? I'm not sure if they ship there or not, though. :-(

Take care,


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