[self-interest] Re: Self on Intel running Solaris?

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at merlintec.com
Thu Dec 16 16:30:41 UTC 1999

Thorsten Dittmar wrote:
> in the next millenium (8-9th January)

Actually, the next century/millenium starts in January 1, 2001 :-)

>  some people will come to Germany to
> try to port Self 4.1 to Linux.

That is great! You think the port will be ready in only two days?

There is a group in Santa Barbara that speaks German *and* really knows the
technology in the Self VM.

> So if you want you can join us (personally or
> maybe via web conference) to help us or you can participate on our results
> later.

I won't be able to go personally, but I am very interested in this and you can
count on all the help I can give you from here. I am studying the X86
architecture again in any case.

Good luck!
-- Jecel

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