[self-interest] Re: Self on Intel running Solaris?

John Ars dolphinuser at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 15 17:32:38 UTC 1999

What would it take to port? Any ideas? What about the VM? Is there any
documentation out there?



jecel assumpcao jr. <jece- at merlintec.com> wrote: 
original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/self-interest/?start=487
> John Ars asked:
> > Is it possible to run Self on an Intel machine running Solaris, or
> > on SPARC stations?
> For now, you must use a Sparcstation. The problem is that the Self
> only generate code for the Sparc (and, more recently, for the
PowerPC) but not
> for the Intel processors. If this is "fixed", then not only will you
be able use
> Intel Solaris but it would also be easy to port to other OSes such as
Linux or
> even Windows.
> -- Jecel

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