[self-interest] Re: self-interest digest

Mario Wolczko mario at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Dec 1 21:01:42 UTC 1999

Albertina Lourenci wrote:
> Hence their superiority over class based languages. Moreover prototype
> based
> languages can mimic class based languages perfectly well (see Self
> includes: Smalltalk
> by Mario Wolczko, sorry my postscript file is corrupted and so you have to
> email Mario to ask him kindly to e-mail this interesting paper to you!!).

Thanks for the reference.  The paper is a chapter in the book
"Prototype-Based Object-Oriented Programming : Concepts, Languages,
and Applications" edited by James Noble, Antero Taivalsaari and Ivan
Moore, Springer-Verlag, 1999,
Anyone interested in prototype-based systems should probably have a
copy of their own, as there are many nice papers within. The
amazon.com ref is


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