[self-interest] Re: Grammar changes - comments?

Randy Smith Randall.Smith at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Aug 30 21:14:56 UTC 1999

I must also say that even after programming in Smalltalk for years, I never
missed not having cascades in Self. Maybe they just don't happen that

At any rate, though they are a (possibly rare) convenience, having
cascades would further distance Self from the Java/C programmer. (I have
become of the opinion that some sort of pretty obvious syntax is almost
a necessity for a language's acceptance. Java passed this hurdle by
essentially re-using C/C++ syntax.)


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> Using the "." for resends was a very unfortunate decision, and
> your idea to replace it with "$" is a good one. I had suggested
> using "::" since several other languages already use that for
> similar purposes and Java (and Beta, in a negative way) showed
> how important it is to have familiar elements in the syntax.
> About the cascades, you would need a "dup" bytecode (but since
> you already were going to add it anyway this is no big deal).
> I have never missed it when programming in Self, however.
> -- Jecel
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